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Frozen and burst pipes are a common plumbing issue in Elmhurst, IL, as cold winter weather poses a constant threat to your plumbing. While these serious issues can cause major damage, your general plumber in Elmhurst can help you handle these situations quickly and effectively. McCoy Sewers is here to help you with our plumbing services and solutions, from thawing frozen pipes to completing sewer pipe repair and helping you address home, office, and basement flooding.

What Happens When a Pipe Freezes

When the outdoor temperature drops below freezing, any uninsulated plumbing pipes located outdoors or even in uninsulated areas of your home, such as a garage or attic, are at risk for freezing. Frozen pipes are a serious plumbing issue for many reasons. A frozen pipe occurs when the water sitting inside the pipe freezes; as water freezes, it naturally expands, taking up more volume than liquid water and pressing on the walls of the pipe. If enough water is present in the pipe or the freezing process is not reversed, the water can expand to a point that causes the pipe to burst. Once the pipe has burst, incoming water from your main water pipe can immediately begin to flow, often causing a serious leak that can quickly lead to major water damage and high water costs unless addressed immediately. Not only will the flooding from a burst pipe need attention, but the broken pipe will also require repair before it can be used again.

How to Handle a Burst or Frozen Pipe In Elmhurst, IL

If you suspect that you may have a frozen or burst pipe, it’s time to call your plumber for frozen or burst pipe repair in Elmhurst. However, there are steps you can take to minimize damage until your plumber arrives for burst or frozen pipe repair. When you need gas line repair, water heater repair or burst or frozen pipe repair near Elmhurst or Burr Ridge, please call McCoy Sewers Inc. for general commercial and residential plumbing solutions.

  • If you discover a frozen pipe that has not yet burst, shut off your water main and call your Elmhurst general plumber. Before your plumber arrives, open the faucet that is supplied by the pipe and begin to thaw the pipe using a space heater, heat lamp, or even a hairdryer. Never use a blow torch to thaw a pipe.
  • If your have experienced a burst pipe, shut off your incoming water immediately and call your plumber. Open any taps fed by the pipe to drain it from the other end and move any furnishings or valuables out of the way. If possible, try to collect water from the leak in a bucket or basin to minimize damage.

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